Past Winners

Pudahuel, Chile : 2016 FINALIST

Intergenerational Childcare: Connecting Working Families and the Elderly to Improve Outcomes for All

  • 230,658

  • Johnny Carrasco Cerda

  • Spanish

    Official Language
  • Directly elected mayor (four-year term)

    Type of Government
  • Additional facts

    The number of Chileans aged 65 or over will double by 2050.

The Problem

Pudahuel lacks an afterschool childcare network for working families. This situation forces working parents to use risky child care, with potential negative effects on a child’s safety, school performance, and development. At the same time, there is a lack of volunteer opportunities for senior citizens. Older adults can suffer personal crises and increased risk of disease if they feel isolated or useless.

The Idea

The city will connect older residents wishing to volunteer with the children of working families in need of after-school child care, providing social engagement for seniors and a vital service for families. City leaders hope to foster improved networks among different groups of citizens, strengthening social cohesion and enhancing citizens’ happiness and wellbeing.

The Inspiration

This project was inspired by spontaneous childcare solutions spearheaded by churches and community groups across Pudahuel, as well as projects in other cities that promote inter-generational integration between children and elders.

Words from Pudahuel

“The school day does not coincide with the working day; this simple observation of the operation of the city gives rise to our proposal.”

  • Additional facts

    The number of Chileans aged 65 or over will double by 2050.