2018 Champion City

New Rochelle, NY : 2018 Champion City

Imagining—and then Building—a Better City

  • 79,557

  • Noam Bramson

  • City Manager

    Type of Government
  • 4 years

    Length of Term
  • Urban Revitalization

    Issue Area

The Problem

Private developers too often steer plans for new development because cities and their public stakeholders lack advanced tools to help them efficiently envision and evaluate their options.

The Idea

The City of New Rochelle will deploy virtual-reality technology to allow city planners and citizens to visualize the development plans for buildings and public spaces, promoting more informed stakeholder engagement.

What City Manager Noam Bramson is saying:

New Rochelle is thrilled to be named a Champion City—and even more excited to pioneer an innovative tool that can improve the quality of development and design, while also enhancing the public’s ability to visualize and shape the growth of our community.

Noam Bramson, City Manager of New Rochelle, NY

Our Prototyping Journey