2018 Champion City

Louisville/Jefferson County Metro, KY : 2018 Champion Cities

Deploying Drones to Help Police Officers Investigate Crime

  • Approximately 765,000

  • Greg Fischer

  • Directly Elected Mayor

    Type of Government
  • 4 years

    Length of Term
  • Safety

    Issue Area

The Problem

Louisville’s homicide rate has spiked in recent years and is now double its 10-year average.

The Idea

The City of Louisville will build on a recently installed gunshot detection system to dispatch aerial drones in the seconds after shots are detected — winning valuable minutes that will allow police to capture critical evidence from the crime scene to aid investigations.

What Mayor Greg Fischer is saying:

The Mayors Challenge is looking for bold and innovative solutions to urgent problems, and our proposal, which combines new technologies to improve public safety, accomplishes just that.

Greg Fischer, Mayor of Louisville, KY

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