2018 Champion City

Lafayette, LA : 2018 Champion City

Citizen-Centered Disaster Preparedness in Lafayette

  • 127,626

  • Joel Robideaux

  • Mayor-President (consolidated government), directly elected

    Type of Government
  • 4 years

    Length of Term

The Problem

A devastating 2016 flood left approximately one third of the parish’s land mass under water. Local government is now addressing water management and drainage concerns head on, but government can’t do it alone. Real preparedness and resiliency requires participation from the entire community.

The Idea

The City of Lafayette will maximize citizen participation in the city’s water management program, using incentives to generate individual ownership and accountability for watershed improvements.

What Mayor Joel Robideaux is saying:

People make decisions about their community based on things like school districts and crime rates. We want to expand that decision tree by building identities around our community’s watersheds and then motivate our citizens to participate in proactive water management.

Joel Robideaux, Mayor of Lafayette, LA