2018 Champion City

Hartford, CT : 2018 Champion City

Using Gunshot Detection Technology to Support Traumatized Youth

  • 123,243

  • Luke A. Bronin

  • Directly Elected Mayor

    Type of Government
  • 4 years

    Length of Term
  • Health

    Issue Area

The Problem

Children who witness gun violence experience dangerous levels of traumatic stress, yet more than 76 percent who would benefit from treatment are never referred for diagnosis.

The Idea

The City of Hartford will use gunshot detection technology in conjunction with student address data to identify youth who have been exposed to gun violence, and deliver trauma services.

What Mayor Luke A. Bronin is saying:

In too many communities around the country, young people exposed to the trauma of gun violence never get the support, treatment, or even the acknowledgement they need. Our proposal is designed to help provide timely support and assistance to kids exposed to gun violence in our own community.

Luke A. Bronin, Mayor of Hartford, CT

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