2018 Champion City

Georgetown, TX : 2018 Winner

Leasing Rooftop Space to Solar-Power a City

  • 67,140

  • Dale Ross

  • Council-Manager

    Type of Government
  • 3 years

    Length of Term
  • Climate

    Issue Area

The Problem

While Georgetown is the first and largest city in Texas to secure 100 percent of its purchased power from renewable sources, there are cost uncertainty, reliability, and safety concerns related to transporting that energy over long distances.

The Idea

The City of Georgetown will become the first energy independent community in the country by partnering with residents to install solar panels and battery storage at their homes.

What Dale Ross, Mayor of Georgetown, TX is saying:

…we need to be agile and innovative to remain sustainable, competitive, and resilient. Bloomberg’s iterative approach helped us engage with the public in a way that dramatically improved our idea. With Bloomberg’s support, we’ve developed a model with greater community support and better financial viability. We look forward to making the ‘virtual power plant’ a reality.


Our Prototyping Journey