2018 Champion City

Elk Grove, CA : 2018 Champion City

Making the Rental Housing Application Process Simple and Affordable

  • 171,059

  • Steve Ly

  • Directly Elected Mayor

    Type of Mayor
  • 2 years

    Length of Term

The Problem

Ninety-seven percent of the city’s low-income residents pay more than 30 percent of their income in housing and are even more burdened, when it comes time to move, by the high cost of rental applications and a disjointed process.

The Idea

The City of Elk Grove will create a universal standardized rental application process that matches applicants with homes for which they meet the landlord’s minimum requirements, such as salary and credit score, thus reducing the time, cost and effort needed to find housing.

What Mayor Steve Ly is saying:

By improving the rental-application process, we could assist nearly 1,000 lower-income households in our city every year—and create a blueprint that could help countless others throughout the country.

Steve Ly, Mayor of Elk Grove, CA