2018 Champion City

Durham, NC : 2018 Champion City

Encouraging Alternatives to Driving Downtown

  • 263,016

  • Steve Schewel

  • Directly Elected Mayor

    Type of Government
  • 2 years

    Length of Term
  • Mobility/Transportation

    Issue Area

The Problem

The city’s parking capacity and budget for street maintenance can’t keep pace with residents’ dependency on single-occupancy vehicles, negatively affecting more than 34,000 downtown employees and residents.

The Idea

The City of Durham will rigorously test four low cost methods that apply behavioral insights to nudge people away from single occupancy commutes.

What Mayor Steve Schewel is saying:

Durham is a pioneer in the use of behavioral economics to inform strategies for urban reform. I'm proud of that, and I'm optimistic about the results of these efforts.

Steve Schewel, Mayor of Durham, NC

Our Prototyping Journey

    Let's Go

  • How we are testing our idea

    In the future, we think that the city residents and the region will enjoy an environment where they are spending less on commuting by car.

    Maureen Devlin, Transportation Planner

    Durham is testing how to best motivate commuters to move away from the typical single occupancy vehicle. Their tests include: a lottery to win a prize for riding the bus; cash payouts to give up parking spaces; incentives to reduce days parked per month; and personalized trip planning.

  • Ideas into action

  • One thing we're discovering through testing

    In Durham, the first prototypes mapped public transit routes into the city to encourage residents to change their commute by car. Mo Devlin, Transportation Lead said, "We have made some huge gains by leveraging tech in our transportation system” and technology has enabled the routes to be personalized to each resident through a computer generated infographic. Initial testing showed residents are receptive to a personalized journey as an incentive to help change their commuting behavior.

    From Tuesday's #mayorschallenge focus group - testing @CityofDurhamNC's commute planning tools. Great feedback! and great smiles! Engaging and innovating to reduce Durham's reliance on cars, with @advncdhindsight

    10:29 AM - 8 Jun 2018   DCHCMPO