2018 Champion City

Denver, CO : 2018 Champion City

Improving Air Quality in the Mile High City

  • 693,060

  • Michael B. Hancock

  • Directly Elected Mayor

    Type of Government
  • 4 years

    Length of Term
  • Health

    Issue Area

The Problem

Denver families spend an average of $3,100 a year on asthma-related medical costs, resulting in more than $30 million spent annually.

The Idea

The City of Denver will use cutting-edge air pollution sensor technology to create a city-wide air quality monitoring program at public school buildings, resulting in better informed policy decisions using environmental, health, and economic data.

What Mayor Michael B. Hancock is saying:

Without local air-quality data paired with increased awareness and advocacy, children and their families will continue to develop chronic lung disease, miss school and work, struggle with increased healthcare costs, and experience decreased income-earning and career opportunities.

Michael B. Hancock, Mayor of Denver, CO

Our Prototyping Journey

    Let's Go

  • How we are testing our idea

    Our idea will positively impact schools communities and reduce air pollution for everyone in Denver.

    Michael Ogletree, Air Quality Program Manager, DDPHE

    Denver is testing ideas at 3 of 10 pilot schools that have air sensors. Denver will conduct a series of behavioral experiments to test anti-idling prototypes (signs, reminders and ticketing) and ultimately a dashboard to help make more informed decisions.

  • Ideas into action

  • One thing we’re discovering through testing

    The Denver team has been working to engage schools in their idea before summer vacation. The team is learning that in order to gain buy-in from schools, they need to appeal to the school principals’ priorities - for instance, increasing academic achievement, rather than reducing the children’s exposure to air pollution. They are learning how to shape and communicate their program to suit the interests of different stakeholders.