2018 Champion City

Danbury, CT : 2018 Champion City

Incentivizing Entrepreneurs in Home-Based Childcare

  • 84,992

  • Mark D. Boughton

  • Directly Elected Mayor

    Type of Government
  • 4 years

    Length of Term
  • Youth

    Issue Area

The Problem

For families living in Danbury, the lack of affordable childcare options means that almost 1,000 children are forced to attend unlicensed daycare facilities.

The Idea

The City of Danbury will provide incentives and training to individuals who want to establish home-based childcare businesses, reducing reliance on unlicensed services or unaffordable options for working parents.

What Mark D. Boughton, Mayor of Danbury, CT is saying:

This grant enables Danbury to harness the power of private-sector entrepreneurship and nonprofit ‘know-how’ to create a network of self-sustaining childcare facilities that will provide our children a foundation of learning and help working parents at the same time.


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