2018 Champion City

Chelsea, MA : 2018 Champion City

Reducing Crime with Preventative Care

  • 39,699

  • Thomas Ambrosino

    City Manager
  • 4 years

    Length of Contract

The Problem

The city’s violent crime rate, the third highest in the state, directly affects 6,000 people in Chelsea each year and is driven largely by gangs and drug-related crimes.

The Idea

The City of Chelsea will scale the proven “Hub” crime prevention strategy where a team of community and government agencies meet weekly to identify individuals or families facing elevated levels of risk for crime, and create a customized plan for immediate services.

What City Manager Thomas Ambrosino is saying:

This opportunity will allow us to continue our work to alleviate the root causes of violence, poverty, and homelessness in Chelsea—and to connect residents to the help they need.

Thomas Ambrosino, City Manager of Chelsea, MA