2018 Champion City

Charleston, SC : 2018 Champion City

Tailored Alerts on Tidal Flooding

  • 134,385

  • John Tecklenburg

  • Mayor-Council Government

    Type of Government
  • 4 years

    Length of Term

The Problem

Sunny-day tidal flooding in Charleston is predicted to occur up to 180 days a year by 2040 and 75 percent of residents live in a designated flood zone, making it essential that the city learn to adapt to and coexist with water.

The Idea

The City of Charleston will develop a first-ever emergency alert system to prepare residents, businesses, and first responders with specifically tailored information about increasingly routine coastal floods.

What Mayor John Tecklenburg is saying:

The concept of a flood-notification system fits squarely within our ongoing flooding and drainage improvement efforts—and could be an invaluable tool for communicating risk with our citizens moving forward.

John Tecklenburg, Mayor of Charleston, SC