2018 Champion City

Boulder, CO : 2018 Champion City

Unlocking Access to Low Carbon Transport

  • 108,090

  • Suzanne Jones

  • Council Manager

    Type of Government
  • 2 years

    Length of Term
  • Mobility/Transportation

    Issue Area

The Problem

More than half of low- and middle-income residents depend on fossil-fuel, single-occupancy vehicles—in large part because more efficient and shared mobility alternatives are prohibitively expensive or not easily accessible resulting in unequal access to innovative mobility solutions.

The Idea

The City of Boulder will conduct multiple experiments – including ridesharing, subsidies, and an electric car loan program – to determine the most effective way to improve low-income residents’ mobility.

What Mayor Suzanne Jones is saying:

Boulder recognizes that to effectively address climate change, everyone in our community needs to be able to participate in new clean energy and mobility paradigms.

Suzanne Jones, Mayor of Boulder, CO

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