Past Winners

Barueri, Brazil : 2016 FINALIST

Include-In: Expanding Economic Opportunity for Disabled Citizens

  • 262,275

  • Gil Arantes

  • Portuguese

    Official Language
  • Directly elected mayor (four-year term)

    Type of Government
  • Additional facts

    80-90 percent of disabled people in Latin America are unemployed.

The Problem

Disabled citizens in Barueri often struggle to enter the labor market because they have difficulty accessing resources like education, health services, transportation, and job training. The result is that disabled citizens can become socially isolated, limiting their opportunities for building a professional network. This vicious circle shatters social cohesion and prevents disabled people from feeling connected to their community.

The Idea

Barueri will increase access to the workforce for citizens with disabilities by creating Include-In, a physical and digital network to improve job training, analyze workplace conditions, and provide technical assistance to employers and job candidates. By developing a physical team and a digital platform, the project will be able to utilize both human capital and technological tools to provide citizens with a comprehensive resource.

The Inspiration

While jobs provide necessary income, Barueri was driven by the desire to advance the quality of life for disabled citizens beyond just their basic needs. By better connecting disabled citizens to the labor market, the city hopes to strengthen social ties and encourage a culture shift towards valuing the important contributions that people with disabilities are able to provide for their employers, families, and peers.

Words from Barueri

“To the extent that a disabled person can become economically active, it enables him or her to meet their basic needs and those of their family, changing their economic and social reality, and consequently it breaks the paradigm in the relationship between disability and poverty.”

  • Additional facts

    80-90 percent of disabled people in Latin America are unemployed.