2018 Champion City

Austin, TX : 2018 Champion City

Using Blockchain to Vouch for Identities of the Homeless

  • 947,890

  • Steve Adler

  • Directly Elected Mayor

    Type of Government
  • 4 years

    Length of Term
  • Homelessness

    Issue Area

The Problem

For the more than 7,000 people who experience homelessness in Austin, lack of ID can mean barriers to, or delays in, their access to housing, employment, and other services critical to dignity, support, and recovery.

The Idea

The City of Austin will use blockchain technology to provide homeless residents with a unique identifier that allows them to access their personal records at any time, enabling access to critical services.

What Steve Adler, Mayor of Austin, TX is saying:

Austin is a creative, innovative city, and I’m excited we’re applying these core values to our approach to help those experiencing homelessness.


Our Prototyping Journey