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Terms of Service for the 2018 Mayors Challenge

The 2018 Mayors Challenge aims to inspire cities to generate innovative ideas that solve major urban challenges and improve city life — ideas that ultimately can be shared with cities across the United States and around the globe.

Please read the following terms and conditions of service for the Mayor Challenge (“Terms of Service for the Mayors Challenge”). Any capitalized terms used in the Terms of Service for the Mayors Challenge but not herein defined shall have the meanings given to them in this Website’s Terms of Use.

Applications must be submitted by a municipality’s authorized representative under the direction of that municipality’s mayor, chief executive officer, or equivalent. Unless otherwise agreed to by you and the Group, no material submitted via this Website or otherwise to the Group or its representatives or partners is confidential and the Group and its representatives, partners, agents, sublicensees, and affiliates shall have the non-exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, create derivative works from and otherwise use and shall be under no obligation to maintain the confidentiality of any ideas, content submitted or the outcome of submitted applications. You acknowledge that you and the municipality which you represent (“Your City”) will receive no payment from any member of the Group in connection with such non-exclusive right. In addition, no member of the Group expects to receive payment for the use of your submitted ideas or materials, regardless of whether such use saves money or even generates a profit.

You represent and warrant that Your City has the right to submit the ideas presented in your Mayors Challenge application. In addition, you acknowledge that the submission of any information via the Website, including personal information that you provide when electronically submitting the Mayors Challenge application, is subject to this Website’s Privacy Policy. Use of the contact information that you provide in the online application is intended for the purpose of communicating with you and informing you about the Mayors Challenge competition.

Participation in the Mayors Challenge is also subject to contest rules listed on this Website or otherwise, including, but not limited to, the “FAQ”, “Overview”, and “RSVP” sections of this Website. You acknowledge that if Your City is awarded a prize as part of the Mayors Challenge, you or another individual authorized to act on behalf of Your City, may have to enter into additional agreements, on behalf of Your City, with the Group or any part thereof, including a grant agreement, in order to receive a prize.

Certain system requirements regarding the hardware, software, and other technical elements used to receive, view, or submit documents must be met. Use of this Website or access to its content may be inhibited or prohibited at any time, even if you have already begun participating in a particular activity or utilizing a particular feature. Participation in the Mayors Challenge by a municipality does not guarantee that its application will be accepted or that it will be awarded a prize.

As your municipality’s main point of contact for the Mayors Challenge, you represent, warrant, and covenant that you have the power and authority to use this Website and electronically submit the application on behalf of Your City. You and Your City are fully responsible for all use of and activity on this Website by you and other employees of Your City, including employees that you designate or otherwise permit to access the participant-only section of the Mayors Challenge part of this Website. You represent, warrant and covenant that all information you provide about yourself is truthful, accurate and up-to-date. You or Your City shall promptly send notification to if you are no longer authorized by Your City to be Your City’s primary contact for the Mayors Challenge.

You acknowledge and agree that members of the Bloomberg.Org Group may communicate with you electronically about the Mayors Challenge. You represent, warrant and covenant, on your own behalf and on behalf of Your City, that you shall use, accept, and retain electronic records, electronic communications, and electronic signatures and that Your City is not prohibited from using, accepting, or receiving such electronic information.

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