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Mayors Challenge

To meet the challenges of tomorrow, mayors must be more agile and creative than ever before. The Mayors Challenge is a competition designed to help city leaders think big, be bold and uncover inventive – and, ultimately shareable – ideas that tackle today’s toughest problems.

Learn more about our impact here and read the latest from Mayors Challenge winners and finalists below:

The Latest

After One City Experiments With Toddlers Wearing Recorders and Sees the Number of Words They Hear Grow 50%, 5 More Mayors Will Pilot Innovative ‘Word Gap’ Program

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South Bend ride-sharing program solves transportation problems for workers

Enquanto a Amazônia queima, São Paulo impulsiona a agricultura sustentável

Un clic a la vez, Guadalajara lucha contra la corrupción y cambia la manera en que se construye

Para ayudar a los chilenos, Estación Central le facilita la vida a los inmigrantes