Welcome to the 2017 Mayors Challenge!

To enter the competition, an authorized executive or designate of the executive must submit the information details below. As a next step, you will receive information about the application process. We encourage cities to immediately consider a serious problem they want to solve. Your city must have at least 30,000 residents within the administrative division of the city and must be within the United States to apply. Please see the FAQ section for more information.

City Details

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City Population Verification: Please provide a web address to a current, third-party website (e.g., the Census) that demonstrates that your population exceeds 30,000.


Please upload a high-resolution headshot of your city’s Chief Executive. Please ensure that the meets the following criteia:

  • PNG or JPG, maximum file size 10MB
  • Minimum size: 1000px wide, 72 dpi
  • Portrait orientation that includes only head and shoulders, without cutting off the top of the head
  • Taken against a neutral background

Note, this photo will be featured on the Mayors Challenge website.


The primary contact will be the person who receives all communications from Bloomberg Philanthropies throughout the Mayors Challenge.


Provide the details of another member on your team who should receive communication from the Mayors Challenge over the course of the competition.