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• Guadalajara, Mexico : 2016 WINNER •

Guadalajara: Fighting Corruption through Transparency in Land Use

The Problem

The current requirements for construction projects in Guadalajara are long, complicated, and involve a lot of paperwork. The complexity and lack of transparency allows for corruption and favoritism to influence decisions, leading to disorganized and haphazard growth in the city.

The Idea

The city will tackle corruption by building a platform for construction project permits that publicly maps business names, plans, licenses, and payments. Along with increasing transparency and speeding processing times, the platform will serve as a backup mechanism to audit and guarantee the implementation of the city development and growth vision by 2042 according to current metropolitan plans.

The Inspiration

By increasing transparency, Guadalajara aims to tackle corruption and favoritism in an actionable and measurable way. At the same time, the city wants to allow for more organized construction growth. City officials also designed a more open and streamlined process to allow for a better allocation of city resources from an urban planning standpoint.

Words from Guadalajara

“This platform will help identify and substantiate actions to respond to the real needs of the city by applying quality standards, better practices, and law enforcement in urban development.”