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2018 Mayors Challenge
The time is Now

The time is now!

U.S. mayors face bigger challenges than ever before. Innovation is no longer optional; it’s necessary so cities can continue to deliver results and improve life for residents.

The 2018 Mayors Challenge, sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies, is designed with this urgency in mind. It’s an initiative to help city leaders think big, be bold, and uncover inventive — and, ultimately, shareable — ideas that tackle today’s toughest problems.

35 Champion Cities Have Been Selected!

35 cities have been selected to continue in the competition as Champion Cities. Finalists were selected by Bloomberg Philanthropies with the support of a prestigious selection committee. The Champion Cities will now begin a 6-month testing phase where they will conduct public prototypes of their ideas with grant funding of up to $100,000 per city.

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Win $5,000,000 and solve your city's most urgent problems

Participating cities will:

Solve An Urgent Problem

The Mayors Challenge has been designed to help hundreds of cities develop ideas that solve the most urgent problems facing cities today. Innovation experts will visit each of the first 300 cities that sign up for the Challenge to deliver one-day city hall training workshops to accelerate idea development by drawing upon the expertise of the community.

Join Bloomberg's Cities Network

All entrants will receive expert guidance to develop their ideas and will join Bloomberg’s cities network, which identifies, elevates, and promotes innovations that work across cities.

Win Millions
of Dollars

35 Champion Cities will win up to $100,000 to test their ideas and build local support. The five cities with the best ideas will receive millions to implement their ideas at scale.

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